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Metals in my water, what can I do?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

We have several customers struggling with problems due to metals in their water, mainly customers from Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac or those on well water.

Here are my recommendations on preventing, treating, and protecting your spa from the damage and headaches that metals can cause.

  • Start by using a carbon pre-filter, such as our X10. Please note that not all carbon filters are created equal. The standard carbon filter will only help remove about 13 types of metals or minerals, while our X10 removes 23.

  • The next step is to use our Mineraluxe cubes to protect your spa and its components from any potential damage caused by metals left in the water. Our Mineraluxe cubes are derived from the science of fusion and will make your water act like 2 positive magnets, preventing anything from building up on your acrylic or components.

  • For those with hard metals that the pre-filter can't fully catch, I recommend the Dazzle 1.5ppm Eliminator. This little bag can be placed in your skimmer, and over time it will collect the metals in your water, eventually catching them all, leaving you with nothing more in your water. It will change color depending on the types of metals collected.

  • And finally, I recommend a vigorous cleaning of the filter during the first week to two weeks after filling your spa using a product such as our Mineraluxe Filter Revive. Many metals will stick and build up on your filter, by washing your filter every other day you will not only remove and wash these metals, preventing them from getting back into your system, but you will also prevent your filter paper from getting dirty. permanently stain. and absorbed in metals.

I Hope this can help many of you! All these products are available in store, or on our online store.


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