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Are you tired of soaking in chemical soup and feeling like you need to have a degree in chemistry  simply because you want a spa?

We have something better.

And, you'll see you'll fall in love with your spa all over again.

Mineraluxe.  Spa maintenance as it should be.   Sumptuous. Healthier. More simple.

Mineraluxe Kit of 3 Months Chlorine in Granules

SKU: 7010048
Only 4 left in stock
  • Net content:

    1 month

    5 Mineraluxe cubes (125g)

    4 Oxygen Mineraluxe bags (160g)

    Mineraluxe Chlorine Granules (200g)

    3 months

    13 Mineraluxe cubes (325g)

    12 Oxygen Mineraluxe sachets (480g)

    Mineraluxe Chlorine Granules (480g)

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