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CK Spas , a family business, began as a contracting business for spa transportation and delivery, then slowly evolved into the sale of refurbished spas by Charles, Dana and son Matty.

In 2017, CK Spas opened its doors at 214 Rue Poirier, and has been for almost 5 years now. The business has grown from transporting and selling refurbished hot tubs, to offering customers high-end Canadian-made Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas as well as high-end products from well-known Canadian brands such as Mineraluxe, Dazzle , Pristiva, UltraLift, Covana and more.

CK Spas is offering free water testing for all loyal Mineraluxe, Dazzle and Pristiva customers in store. Several times a year, in-person or virtual events are held to further assist customers with their daily water care and maintenance.

The main showroom now includes a Hydropool swim spa with RollAway cover, as well as 14 of 17 Hydropool hot tub models and a Covana Oasis hot tub. A secondary showroom which presents 3 other swim spas as well as all the refurbished spas available.

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A hard worker who dreamed of developing a successful business for his family. Charles, like the CK in CK Spas, has many roles in the business, from top swim spa salesman to spa transporter to even spa technician, among many others. He is the foundation of this beautiful family business.

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The chemical queen of CK Spas, Dana has many roles in the business, but is well known for her knowledge of water care, self-cleaning spas, website design and social media management. She keeps CK Spas up-to-date, fun and always improving.



The contagious smile that everyone loves, Matty. Son of Charles and Dana, Matty has an important role to play in testing new hot tubs and swim spas and bringing a smile to everyone who meets him. He is the future generation of CK Spas.

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2021 Hydropool Titanium Award Winner

Hydropool Best New Canadian Retailer of the Year 2020

2020 Hydropool Platinum Spa Service & Sales Award Winner

2020 Hydropool Gold Award Winner for Swim Spa Service & Sales

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Well known for excellent and honest customer service.

Spotify account. Making finding just the right music to enjoy in your spa, simple.