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Serenity 5900

Nombre de places

5-6 Personnes

Pompe de Filtration


Nombre de Jets


À partir de

12 995.00$ PDSF

Acrylic colors.

Skirt colors.


This 5 person spa with full body lounge features 41 active therapy jets that target all areas of the back, shoulders, lower body and feet for a hydrotherapy massage experience. The Hydropool Serenity 5900 spa is the big brother of the Serenity 4500. With seating for 5 people, including a lounger and a dedicated non-slip step inside, it is the ideal spa to enjoy with the family or to spend some peaceful time alone.

Our most popular model in the Serenity series.



85" x 85"
(216cm x 216cm)


36" (91cm)


1 533 L

Poids plein

4 048 lb (1 837kg) 

Pompe de massage

1 x 3hp , 1 x 4hp

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