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Hydropool Swim spas

A perfect pool.

An experience of  perfect swimming.


The perfect pool, the perfect swim, the

Perfect personal gym and the perfect water park is the only way to describe Hydropool swim spas. The tapered shell design freely propels water to the current collector on the back of the swim spa. For families, the swim spa is the perfect place to teach your children to swim.

Executive Series Swim Spa Provides Swimming Current

the most consistent and predictable in the industry.

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Made in Canada

The perfect family getaway, all year round.

Hydropool offers 3 superb collections of swim spas!
Executive, Aquatic or Play? Find the perfect swim spa for you and your family ...

When selecting a Hydropool swim spa.


The first thing you need to consider is the design of the pump, make sure that the system has enough horsepower to deliver the results you want - whether you are a daily athlete or a triathlete or getting a swim spa for family fun.

Next, look for a jet swim system that provides the smooth turbulence-free swimming current and delivers a flow capable of producing a current you would expect to swim.

If you need the ability to "dial in" the resistance that allows the swimmer the ability to customize their stroke to achieve the desired results, you should consider the AquaTrainer or Executive Trainer models. Adjusting the current is crucial for a top level swimmer as it allows for interval training while providing a lower level for all other swimmers.

Executive collection

À partir de 40 795.00$ PDSF



The most comfortable swim available at any swim spa.
Our exclusive current collector and our jets  V-Twin  come standard, with the AquaPro controller, giving you the best swim in the industry.

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À partir de 35 995.00$ PDSF


Série AquaSport

Série AquaTrainer



Aquatic Collection

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The ALL NEW Aquatic Collection swim spa is the perfect way to swim every day. Imagine never having to turn, touch or push from any wall.

Hydropool Exclusive Self-Cleaning Technology.

À partir de 25 395.00$ PDSF




This 13FFP is the perfect combination of a spa and swim spa and the fun of a swimming pool in one, allowing you to swim 365 days a year!

Play collection

The perfect pool for fun!

IF YOUR INNER CHILD WANTS TO GO OUT, IT'S TIME TO PLAY. The AquaPlay Swim Spa is the perfect mini pool for family fun.

To view the 2023 brochure

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For more information on all our swim spas, come visit us in store.

Nous vous demandons de prendre rendez-vous pour les spas de nage, ils ne sont pas dans la salle de montre principale.

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