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Serenity 6900

It's time to relax and watch the stress go away. The Hydropool Serenity 6800 is the big brother of the Serenity 6600. Boasting the same features and benefits as the 6600, the larger 6800 comfortably seats 6 people and offers 6 unique jet configurations to deliver everything from relaxation to invigorating massage . Enjoy the luxury of reflexology with a jetted foot dome that targets tired feet from any seat.



Number of places




Weight Full

Number of Jets

Number of Pumps

Acrylic colors.

6-7 People

91" x 91" (231cm x 231cm)

36" (91 cm)

1 624 L

4 308 lb (1 915kg) 


1 x 3hp , 1 x 4hp

Skirt colors.

View the complete Hydropool spa brochure here.

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