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Rollaway Swim Spa Covers: The next generation one-piece spa cover that creates a complete seal over the swim spa; Lock in heat, reduce energy consumption and cost. The Spa Rollaway cover design allows one person to move the swim spa cover quickly and without the need for a second person, giving you faster access. Patented and exclusive to the hydropool.


The advantages of a RollAway cover

Constructed with non-collapsing supports

keeps its shape in all weather conditions.

Waterproof and weatherproof

double-stitched fabric on all seems to ensure a secure and tight bond. X-stitching on all locking straps to keep your cover secure in high winds and for added durability.

Exclusive triple heat shield technology

3 separate insulated layers with 2 insulating air pockets.

Solid construction, making it a safer choice for families

the expanded cover will easily support the weight of an adult. Although it is not designed to be walked on, it will support you if you fall on it.

Made with high quality commercial grade materials

Built to withstand all weather conditions, fully framed to support snow load. Superior insulating materials allow heat to be returned to the swim spa basin. The upper and seams are all UV protected and will not deteriorate over time or in direct sunlight.