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Eliminates mold and mildew odors and restores lost absorbency. Designed for bath, hand, dishes and other towels.

Over time, hard water scale and fabric softener buildup can cause your towels to become absorbent. This trapped buildup can attract mold and mildew, leaving your towels less fresh. Renue Mightly Towel Freshener removes buildup and eliminates musty and mildew odors, leaving your towels feeling like new again.


Formulated with biodegradable and phosphate-free ingredients

Not tested on animals: No animals were harmed during the development of our products.

All Renue products are septic and color safe

RENÜE Refresher for Towels

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C$10.00Sale Price
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  • Ingredients: citric acid, sodium carbonate, sodium benzenesulfonate, fragrance

    36 loads of laundry

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