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The COVANA Spa Cover... 
the key to happiness

What if you could access your spa with the turn of the key, at your fingertips, without ever having to  handle or remove snow from your cover? With Covana, your spa benefits from one of the highest insulation values on the market while remaining absolutely accessible ... in just 20 seconds and without effort!

Covana is more than just spa covers. They are also fully automated gazebos, giving you maximum comfort, security and privacy. Made in Canada with the most efficient materials in the industry, our products are designed to withstand harsh climates and save you water, energy and maintenance products.

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Covana offers two cover styles for hot tubs: Oasis & Evolution , and one style for swim spas: Legend . All of these products are available to order from CK Spas. For more details and information, please book an appointment with us today to discuss the options in more detail.




Elegance at its best

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