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The Hydropool Signature Self-Cleaning Collection

Create time for what matters most... you!

Indoors and outdoors, a Hydropool Self-Cleaning Spa allows you to create more time for what matters most. In a welcoming corner of your home, a four-season room, on the terrace or in the backyard, a Hydropool self-cleaning spa will allow you to get closer to your loved ones and your friends.


Standard features

of your Hydropool Self-Cleaning spa.

Here are our Signature models

Click on the models that interest you for more details.

Signature 395

The Signature 395 spa for 2-3 people designed for small spaces and available in 2 depths, 30 "and 37".

À partir de 12 995.00$ PDSF

Signature 670

The Signature 670 spa with a comfortable lounge chair and great leg massage so you can stretch out.

À partir de 15 995.00$ PDSF

Signature 770

The Signature 770 spa can accommodate 7 people and has a lounge chair that never floats with a huge floor.

À partir de 19 495.00$ PDSF

Signature 495

The Signature 495 is a true spa for 4 people with a European design suitable for small spaces.

À partir de 14 395.00$ PDSF

Signature 695

The Signature 695 spa with a large footwell, an S-shaped immersion lounger and an excellent leg massage.

À partir de 15 995.00$ PDSF

Signature 790

The Signature 790 is a 7-person spa with double loungers, perfect for lovers.

À partir de 19 495.00$ PDSF

Signature 570

The Signature 570 spa is perfect for couples seeking that "just perfect" feeling.

À partir de 14 395.00$ PDSF

Signature 720

The Signature 720 is a large spacious spa with a large floor perfect for social families.

À partir de 19 495.00$ PDSF

Signature 970

A spa for 9 people and one of the largest and most luxurious spas in the industry. The king of Hydropool spas.

À partir de 25 895.00$ PDSF

Cabbage Leaves

Packages available

To view the 2023 brochure

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Please note that we only sell in a local department of our store located in Saint-Eustache, on the north shore of Montreal. We deliver to certain boroughs of Montreal, the West Island, Laval and certain cities in the Laurentians. Please fill out our spa form with your information and city and we will let you know if we deliver to your area. 

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