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Can swim spas be moved?

One advantage of purchasing a swim spa over a traditional swimming pool is the fact that you can move it. Whether you've sold your house and are taking it with you or selling it because you're upgrading to a newer one you can always choose to move it. Though it is not as simple as simply picking it up and moving it, in most cases professional crane services and experienced spa movers are required.

Here are some tips for preparing to move your swim spa:

Contact your professionals

You can start by contacting your swim spa retailer to see if they offer this service or if they can refer you to a professional mover. Provide them with accurate information and as much details as you can like: brand, model, year, access to yard at point A and point B, depth of house, whether or not there are power lines or trees overhanging the property and if you can send some photos.

Drain and clean

Having the swim spa drained, cleaned and ready for the day of the move will make everything go smoother and save you money. Most companies charges by hour and have employees waiting around for this to be done can quickly add on extra fees that could be avoided.


Inquire whether or not the moving company you have hired take care of disconnecting your swim spa. If they do not, plan to have it done beforehand to save time the day of the move.

Ensure accessibility

Make sure that there is ease of access to the swim spa and that the path required to remove it from the property is cleared. Pick up anything lying around the property to avoid slowing things down, damages to items left out or potential injuries to workers.

Let the professionals work

Though you may want to help, in many cases if you've prepared everything in advance the best thing you can do to help everything go smoothly is to sit back, relax and watch the show. Remember you hired the professionals to do this, they're experienced and know exactly what to do.

If you have considered buying a swim spa in the past but have hesitated since you may be moving in the future, do not hesitate. You now know it can be moved out just as easily as it was moved in. If you're interested in our swim spas fill out our swim spa questionnaire.


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