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Charles' Tips for Shopping for a swim spa

Here are my 3 keys to successful shopping for your future swim spa.

#1 Shopping for a structurally strong swim spa.

Why is structure important? Because when we're talking about swim spa we're looking at 12 feet or longer of basin and 50 inches or more deep of water which creates more weight and pressure on the structure. If the structure isn't strong enough, in time it will create what I call "the banana effect" which is exactly what it sounds like. The swim spa body will warp and have a banana shape rather than a straight body line as it should have. Along with potential microfractures in the acrylic's or cracks which will slowly widen and eventually split the acrylic. If the shell cracks and splits open it is not replaceable and your swim spa is scrap and you'll be shopping again for another swim spa.

#2 Shopping for ease of maintenance.

First step for ease of maintenance is the filtration. You have either the industry standard, passive filtration which means your filters are in the basin with you. Or top of the line pressurized filtration where your filter is in its own pressurized canister which provides a faster turnover of water volume. Allowing you to have clearer, cleaner and purer water in less time. It can also reduce the amount of filter cleaning required.

You may also want to look at whether or not the swim spa has a water purification system such as ozone or UV. Having one or both of these can help you reduce the amount of chemicals needed, making your spa a little bit easier to maintain.

#3 Choosing the right retailer.

Why is your retailer so important? Because even the best made products require scheduled maintenance. They will also help you with your manufacturers warranty. A good retailer will listen to yuo when you come through their door. They will sell you the spa or swim you need and not try to sell you a bigger model to make a bigger buck in their pocket, unless that's what you want, the top of the line swim spa. They will listen to your needs and provide you with the product you need. A goo retailer will also help you with their years of knowledge giving you tips and tricks to make it easier to maintain, with less headaches. equaling more happy days swimming in the swim spa. They'll also help you with water chemistry, giving you more batheable days.


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