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Why is maintaining proper Calcium Hardness levels so important?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

It is important to maintain proper levels of alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness, but here I will focus on calcium hardness since from my recent experience it’s one of the most forgotten parameters to balance in a spa.

Calcium hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium in the water. Calcium in a spa comes from your tap water, those on city water often have very little calcium in their water since many water treatment plants remove much of the calcium from the water. If on well water it can vary greatly from soft water, water with very little calcium, to hard water, water with very high amounts of calcium. It is very important to ensure that you have proper calcium levels in your spa, 100 to 200 ppm.

Why is it so important? Simple answer is water is hungry and it needs calcium to be happy. If there’s not a sufficient amount of calcium it will seek to find it in everything around it. In your spa this means your acrylic, jets, plumbing, water heater element, pumps seals and more. If too high scale will form on components and with time can lead to blockage in plumbing and pumps. From our experience the first components to deteriorate and require replacing the fastest are pump seals and heater elements. If left unchecked long enough it can lead to the need to frequently replace these parts, costing you more money.

How do you know if your calcium is in the proper range? Have your water analyzed by a professional. You can test at home with certain testing kits but a professional analysis will always be more accurate. I recommend having water tested after a fresh fill, since calcium is not affected by other products or minerals in the water, once properly adjusted it will only require readjusting once new water has been added or a full water change has been completed.

Calcium is the easiest to balance and maintain proper levels yet often the most neglected. Protect your investment by maintaining a proper calcium level in your spa!

When purchasing calcium hardness plus be sure to purchase a high quality brand. Many lower quality brands contain many impurities such as metals, which in high enough levels can lead to damages to your spa components or undesired water color.

Calcium hardness plus by Mineraluxe is available to order here.


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