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Brendan Gallagher visits CK Spas

On the evening of September 13th Brendan Gallagher visited CK Spas for an evening of autographs and photos with fans and clients of CK Spas.

It was a small and intimate evening, and allowed for clients to meet Brendan and ask him questions. Many young hockey fans and players had the joy of meeting him.

In 2021 Brendan acquired his spa, a Hydropool 695 Platinum, from CK Spas. It was originally to be delivered to his home in the Montreal region but when plans changed, Charles offered to deliver it to Brendan's home in Vancouver. The CK Spas family took a long cross country road trip out to Vancouver to deliver Brendan his spa. Two years later Brendan took an evening off and came to CK Spas for an exclusive evening offered only to CK Spas clients.

Everyone left with smiles on their faces, including Brendan.

Thank-you Brendan, the whole CK Spas family and clients appreciate your time.


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