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CK Spas delivers spa to Brendan Gallagher

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

In the beginning of 2021 CK Spas was approached by a hockey player looking to acquire a spa for his home. After further discussion we found out it was Brendan Gallagher! Our sons favorite player. He was looking to acquire a spa for therapeutic purposes and some at home enjoyment, and wanted to shop with a small family owned business. For our small family business this is quite an exciting sale.

After lots of discussion on needs, wants and sizes, he settled on the Hydropool Signature 695 Platinum. The Signature 695 Platinum is a self cleaning Hydropool spa that helps greatly reduce maintenance and is fully equipped with the wellness program. For an athlete like Brendan the sports recovery program is a great feature along with ease of maintenance for someone who is often on the road and not home. Coming home to clear water, ready for you is a huge MUST HAVE.

After spa selection came the time to plan the delivery! Brendan wanted his spa at his residence in the city of Vancouver, not next door, this took a little more time and planning. But the Koncewicz family was thrilled about this opportunity, we packed up our truck, loaded up the spa and drove across beautiful Canada! Friends, family and clients followed our journey on social media, with regular posts showing where we were and what we were up to. Here you can see a glimpse of our amazing trip and experience!

Brendan Gallagher and his Hydropool 695

After having some time to enjoy his new spa, Brendan sent us a few photos. Here's our favorite ones!

CK Spas would like to thank Brendan for choosing us for his relaxation needs. Happy hot tubbing!

CK Spas looks forward to working with more athletes in the future for their relaxation and training needs.

Brendan's Facebook posts:


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