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CK Spas, 2021 Retail Stars

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Every year SpaRetailer magazine picks a select few retailers to be inducted into their coveted Retail Stars. In 2021 CK Spas made that list! For 2021 only 5 North American retailers were chosen, CK Spas being the only Canadian retailer to have been selected.

SpaRetailer seeks out retailers who think outside the box, who are innovative and are constantly improving and growing their businesses. Anyone who knows CK Spas knows that we definitely fit this criteria!

Stroll into CK Spas in Quebec, Canada, on a weekend, and 8-year-old Mateüsz (Matty), son of owners Charles Koncewicz and Dana Hyde, may offer an enthusiastic greeting. He’ll either be demonstrating the versatility of a swim spa as he takes a dip, or will usher you over to show off his favorite hot tub.

“He’s really cute about it,” Dana says. “He talks about the self-cleaning and how the filtration works. He’s listened to us do it enough that he knows it.”

About a decade ago, Charles was a residential mover. He began to notice that companies moving hot tubs were making more money than he was with less effort, so he transitioned to moving spas. It wasn’t long before homeowners were asking him to take their used spas away to make room for new ones, leading Charles to refurbish and sell used hot tubs out of their garage.

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