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CK Spas, the new Coast Spas Retailer

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

In June, while on a family vacation, CK Spas met with Coast Spas, located in Langley, BC, to discuss becoming their new retailer and tour their factory.

It didn't take long for CK Spas and Coast Spas to realize that this would be a perfect fit.

Coast Spas
Coast Spa reconditionned by CK Spas

CK Spas is recognized for selling high-end products from Canadian companies. From spa to spa accessories and maintenance products. CK Spas aims to sell high quality and durable products, in order to offer customers the best value for money. So naturally when you consider adding a 2nd line of hot tubs to their store, it has to be another premium brand and made in Canada. The first brand they thought of was Coast Spas. CK Spas has a lot of experience with Coast Spas, they were one of the top selling brands in refurbished spas. Having bought, repaired and sold a lot made the choice much easier. When you have hands-on experience selling a used product where 100% of the cost of repairs, service and warranty comes out of your pocket, you know which brands are reliable and which are not.

Coast Spas was established in 1997, building spas that supported one single retail store in British Columbia, Canada. The founders of Coast Spas, who owned the retail store for several years prior, were unhappy with the level of spa quality and options from their supplier and wanted to provide a superior hot tub. At the time there were very few options available for different spa brands, so they bought a factory and started building their own hot tubs. Since that time, Coast Spas has continued innovating and building better hot tubs that hold up to extreme Canadian temperatures. Coast Spas now has independent retail outlets around the world, numerous patents and a skilled team that know exactly how to build top quality spas.

CK Spas is very pleased to bring you a second Canadian premium spa brand, and the only brand to bring you the infinity edge spa.
The new Coast Spas Purfikt

More information on Coast Spas models now available on the CK Spas website.

The first Coast Spas will arrive at CK Spas later this month and the brand launch party will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for more details on this new partnership and to learn more about Coast Spas.

Dana Hyde


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