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How to use Mineraluxe

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

In this article I will cover how to use Mineraluxe, from start to finish, whether you’re using it in a brand new hot tub or are switching over to Mineraluxe from another product line. In my previous article, "What is Minerlauxe?" I explained what Mineraluxe is and why I highly recommend it, if you haven’t already read it I suggest reading it before this one.

If you are switching to Mineraluxe from another product line I highly recommend using Mineraluxe Cleanse & Drain to purge your spa. This will loosen up scale formation and biofilm in your plumbing and other components and give your spa a deep clean before getting started on Mineraluxe. I also recommend cleaning your filter with Mineraluxe Filter Revive. For a new spa this isn’t always necessary, depending on how long ago the spa was fabricated, and if there was water remaining in the plumbing prior to delivery, though it doesn’t hurt to do this procedure in a new spa. The reason I recommend this procedure, especially in spas that were maintained with other products, is that your cube, the star of the system, repels everything from the surfaces in your spa, like two positive magnets pushing away from each other. If you happen to have scale build up or biofilm in your plumbing, once you start using Mineraluxe, you may find some unwanted particles in your spa. By purging you will eliminate this or at least greatly reduce it.

Cleanse & Drain instructions (also available on the bottle)

  1. Maintain a water temperature of 95 degrees or higher.

  2. Remove filter cartridges

  3. Add one bottle of Cleanse & Drain.

  4. Maintain water temperature and allow water to circulate through plumbing (place all water valves in the center and turn of air valves)

  5. Run pumps two to three times during a 24 hour period.

  6. Drain spa completely, rinse interior (a partial 15% refill and drain again is helpful to remove all of the Cleanse & Drain and any debris in water.) Replace filter cartridges.

  7. After all of the steps above are completed… refill your spa!

Once your spa is full, set it to desired temperature, once temperature reaches 80 or higher you may begin to add products. You may add products before this but they will dilute and absorb at a lesser rate.

If you’re planning on having water analyzed professionally 2-3 days after refill then skip this next step and go straight to the Mineraluxe application.

If testing at home proceed with the following: Test water with an at home testing kit such as Palin PoolTester or other. Adjust levels as needed. Remember when adjusting to always test and adjust in this order: Alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness and then sanitizer. For ideal ranges consult the back of your balancing product bottle or check out my article titled “Better understanding your spa maintenance”.

Mineraluxe 3 step application

When adding Mineraluxe after a fresh start you will add two Mineraluxe cubes to the filter housing or skimmer basket. One Mineraluxe Oxygen treatment directly into water, then turn on the jets to disperse the shock treatment evenly throughout the spa. Then you will add the sanitizer of your choice. If using granules you will add directly to the water. If using tablets you will need to put them into a distributor. (never put these directly onto your acrylic, they will cause chemical burns and not distribute as well into the system). The average Mineralue user adds anywhere from three to five tablets of sanitizer per week to maintain a 3-5 ppm level. You will need to adjust depending on usage, habits, water temperature and levels.

For weekly maintenance you will follow the same steps once per week except you will reduce the Mineraulxe cube to 1 per week.

I recommend rinsing your filter or filters once per week when weather permits and washing them with Filter Revive once every 4 weeks, spa with minimal use every 6 weeks. *After a party or higher than normal use and extra clean is always a great idea!

Filter Revive Instructions (also available on the bottle)

  1. Prepare a solution of Mineraluxe Filter Revive and hot water in a clean plastic pail, laundry tub or specific filter cleaning container. Add 200ml for regular cleaning and 300-400ml for tougher clean.

  2. Take the filter cartridge out of the filter housing. Make sure you wear rubber gloves!

  3. Remove as much debris as possible with a spray hose.

  4. Soak the filter in the solution for at least 15 minutes. *If using cold water or for a deeper clean, increase soaking time up to 12 hours.

  5. Remove filter from solution, rinse well with spray hose or tap.

  6. Allow the filter to stand until dry before putting it back into use.

To ensure the prevention of biofilm and bacteria, keep up your weekly Mineraluxe treatments, test and adjust sanitizer levels when needed and clean your filter once every 4 weeks. If you need any help don't be shy to come and see me in person with a water sample.

Welcome to Minerlauxe, spa care has never been so simple.



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