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What is Mineraluxe?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

When conversing with people online, in social media groups, by email and such I often get asked, what is Mineraluxe? How do we use it? Here I will explain more about what the Mineraluxe system for spas is, why I highly recommend it, and in an upcoming article I will explain how to use it.

What is Mineraluxe?

The Mineraluxe system for spas is a simple, easy to use system for maintaining your spa water. It is a 3 step system, aside from balancers and filter cleaner, that reduces the amount of products we use in our spa, that reduces the amount of time we must dedicate to our water care, all while giving us softer water that sparkles. The Mineraluxe kit, whether a 1 month or 3 month, includes:

  • Mineraluxe Cubes, the true star of this system, which is an advanced fusion of natural minerals with built in “cleanse and repel” technology. Loosens scale and mineral deposits from surfaces and prevents them from reattaching. It will prevent tartar accumulation in your spa, and biofilm accumulation within your plumbing and internal components.

  • Mineraluxe Oxygen, which is a shock treatment that deep cleanses bather wastes to reduce odours and give you the ultimate in water comfort and clarity.

  • Mineraluxe sanitizer of your choice. With Mineraluxe you have the choice of Bromine tabs, Bromine granules, Mini chlorine tabs and stabilized chlorine granules. Your sanitizer is what will eliminate bacteria from your water, keeping it clean and safe for you and your family. All four of these are approved for usage in spas by Health Canada, I will cover the differences between sanitizers in another article.

Aside from the 3 main products included in the Mineraluxe kit, there are the balancers, ph plus and minus, alkalinity plus and calcium hardness plus. Along with their filter cleaner, Filter Revive, and purging product, Cleanse & Drain. It is recommended to purge your spa by using Cleanse & Drain if you were previously on another line of products and are switching over to Mineraluxe. To help descale and eliminate any accumulation of scale or biofilm in your spa’s plumbing. Once using the Mineraluxe system you will no longer have to use any kind of purging product before draining.

When using the Mineraluxe system you will reduce the amount of balancing, the amount of sanitizer required and the overall time you dedicate to water care because Mineraluxe is a highly advanced system with products of a higher quality containing less impurities. By using higher quality products and less products altogether you will see a prolonged life for several of your spas accessories, such as your headrests, cover, jets, controls and more, which in the long run will save you even more money.

It is for all these reasons that I highly recommend Mineraluxe and have been using this product line since December 2018 and have been a retailer since February 2019.

Most of us have acquired a spa to relax, enjoy a massage and spend quality time with family. Not to spend hours maintaining it. So take a step towards simplicity and start on Mineraluxe today!

To learn how to use Minerlauxe consult my article "How to use Minerlauxe"


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