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The All New 2024 Hydropool Signature Series Spas

For 2024, Hydropool has introduced the new changes to the Signature Self-Cleaning series of spas. There have been many changes in terms of looks, construction, options and more! Let's dive into these new changes together!

Here are the new 2024 models:

The new 2024 models have kept the same general sizes and layouts as previous models. Though the 455, previously the 495 is now 80" x 80" rather than 79" x 75". Giving it extra space and increasing the length in the lounger. The other change is the 799, previously the 790 is now 90" x 90" rather than 94" x 94". Though it has reduced in size, interior space hasn't been compromised too much since the new filtration system with the filter and skimmer in same spot and no incorporated ice bucket has made up for the smaller size. We also have reduced the lineup by one model. For 2024 the 970 has been discontinued due to the unpopularity of this large spa. The majority of buyers looking for a 9 person spa will opt for a swim spa!


For 2024 there are three new choices of cabinets: linen, vintage and warm walnut.

Aside from the color changes we now now have ease of access of all four sides of the spa! No more tools needed to open up the cabinets. No more visible screws or hardware, giving the cabinets and even cleaner look and feel.

Acrylic colors

For the most part acrylic choices remain the same, with the removal of Tuscan sun and the addition of two new colors: misty mountain and cosmic swirl Your choices for 2024 are: Misty Mountain, Cosmic Swirl, Pure White, Silver Marble, Black Opal and Alpine Mist.

Options and packages

Options and packages have not seen big change, aside from the tranquility package now becoming the oasis package due to the change from the garden FX lights to the radiant lights which go all the way around the spa. The ice bucket is no longer incorporated into the spa but is an option on the side and it now a ice bucket and tray in one. It has been designed to seat itself on top of the filter housing. This has allowed for more filter space and also makes it easier to carry drinks and ice in and out of the house for your relaxing evening in the spa.


A huge improvement on the already amazing Hydropool Micro-Filtration pressurized system is the new Fast Flow Filter. This filter will be before the main filter acting as a prefilter that traps larger debris, oils, lotions which will extend the life of the main filter and protect heater and pumps. The world known Hydropool Micro-Filtration system remains the same, filtering 100% of the spas water in 10 minutes or less. Water is pushed towards the high flow skimmer by the HydroClean filtration jets. The Chemical distribution is provided by the water care system known as the brominator, where you place sanitizer tabs.


Already known for their great insulation and heat retention qualities, the new Hydropool 2024 Signature models have a an added layer of insulation now on the inside of the cabinets. Helping you retain more heat and reduce your Hydro bill, especially during those cold winter months. The eco air vents are still standard on all Hydropool spas.


You will be happy to hear, as we were, that the 2024 pricing has remained the same as 2023. Though there has been many improvements the price has remained the same. Our Signature series spas start at $11,000.00

For more information on these models download the 2024 Hot Tub Guide, or visit our Hydropool Signature page.

If you'd like to request and estimate or further information you can fill our our spa inquiry form. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

We have special promotions available on these models with savings up to $6 350 and a gift valued at $200 for the first 14 buyers. Contact us for more details.


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