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Visit to Coast Spas

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Dana with the new 2023 2Purfikt Infinity

At the end of November 2022 I took a short two day trip out to Langley, British Columbia to visit Coast Spas to see new models for 2023, give my opinion on them, to share marketing ideas and to connect with members of the Coast spas team.

For 2023 Coast Spas will be introducing a few new models to their hot tub and swim spa line-up, which I am very excited for!

Special Editions with Oasis Package

Coast Spas has introduced two new entry level special edition hot tubs for 2023. The E7B and the E7L Oasis package. Both these models are mid sized spas, measuring 83.5" x 83.5" x 36" , both equipped with two 3hp pumps, 34 jets and 50sq.ft pressurized filtration. They have added features like neck jets, laminar water ropes, cup holders for your drinks and LED lighting. Wi-Fi remote control will be optional and not included in initial pricing. These spas will be competitively priced at 11,499.99$tx each.

Extra options and upgrades will be at an additional cost.


For 2023 Coast Spas has introduced the all new 2Purfikt and 2Purfikt Infinity, unlike the Purfikt, the 2Purfikt is available in a traditional model and infinity model. It is gorgeous! I love this small, sleek and modern hot tub, especially the Infinity model. This spa is perfect for anyone with a view from their, lake, river, mountains, or just a gorgeous yard! It'd even look amazing on a balcony! The 2Purfikt is the perfect little sister to the Purfikt. Same style and elegance but smaller, designed for 3 to 4 people, but perfect for 2, measuring in at 83.5" x 71.5" x 40" high for the infinity and 83.5" x 59.5" x 40" high for the traditional model. Both are equipped with two 4hp pumps, the XL touchscreen, dual 24" fusion waterfalls, 50 sq.ft pressurized filtration and insulated for our Canadian winters.

1300 Plunge

Coast Spas has introduce a new "swim spa" to it's Coast Spas swim line, the 1300 Plunge. Unlike the other swim spas in their line-up has no swim jets. So it's not a swim spa, but a plunge spa! What's it for? Hanging out, soaking on a hot summers day or even on a cold winters day. It's like a pool but it's not a pool. Sit, soak, float and relax! Coast Spas had the idea for this model when they realized many families are buying swim spas instead of a pool since they are smaller and can be used all year round more efficiently. But many didn't need or want swim jets. By offering a "swim spa" without swim jets they have been able to cut down the price and accommodate more families' needs.

The 1300 Plunge will be priced starting at $20 999.99 plus taxes. Upgrades and options will be at an additional cost.

For those still wanting a small sized swim spa with swim jets, Coast Spas offers the 1302 Bench and the 1400 VE infinity edge swim spa in the lifestyle series. All available to order at CK Spas.

We are very excited about these new editions for 2023 from Coast Spas and cannot wait for even more new technology and models to be released in the coming year(s).

For more information on these new models please contact us or better yet, visit us at CK Spas. We are taking orders for 2023 and are offering additional discounts on all Coast Spas, that are reserved spa by March 1st 2023. All spas ordered after this date will be subject to seasonal pricing and or promotions.


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