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The Mineraluxe Pool Maintenance System is the most advanced maintenance program available on the market. 

Your swimming pool is meant to be a special sanctuary for you and your family. The Mineraluxe Pool Care System lets you focus on creating memories and enjoying the summer with family and friends. Nothing could be simpler to use, it offers water clarity and incredible comfort. The system maximizes the number of swimming days by avoiding potential problems and removes the stress and additional costs associated with owning a swimming pool. Best of all, for the typical pool owner, the Mineraluxe Pool Maintenance System costs less than your daily cup of coffee! 

Mineraluxe Pool Kit

SKU: 7100002
Only 1 left in stock

    Sanitizer sticks Mineraluxe (3 kg)
    Mineraluxe Oxygen Sachets (6 x 350 g)
    Mineraluxe Advance Sticks (1.2 kg)

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