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The new 2023 Hydropool brochure is here!

The new Hydropool brochure is now out and available to download on our website. Hard copies will be available in store by February, though we recommend the digital copy to cut down on paper use.

One of our photos was chosen for the 2023 Hot Tub guide brochure! This photo was taken by Dana of a Signature 695 Gold in Labelle, Qc. Inside the hot tub and swim spa guides for 2023 there a few more of our photos. Congratulations to our clients whose backyards were chosen.

For the most part the hot tub line up and swim spa line up has remained the same except for a few changes to options here and there. The models have remained the same for this year. The Serenity spas had a remodel in 2020 and several swim spas in 2021. In the coming years we should see some changes to the Signature Self-Cleaning collection which hasn't seen a remodel since 2016.

The biggest change is that the Hydropool Classic line (tubs built for 110v), which included only 2 models, has now been discontinued. Hydropool made the choice after reviewing the sales of these spas over the last few years and watching them decrease year after year. Though we are sad to see them go we understand and agree with this smart business decision.

In the Signature Self-Cleaning collection two less popular options were discontinued, the southern lights and black cherry skirts. Both these options were not big sellers for us at CK Spas. All other packages and options remain the same.

As for swim swim spas there were a few more changes, just like the Signature Self-Cleaning collection, southern lights and black cherry skirts were discontinued. For 2023 all AquaTrainer model swim spas will come with a complimentary pair of FORM goggles.

The standard fitness kit available as an option has now been replaced with the Hydro Revolution Fitness package, which is a great replacement and upgrade in our opinion. We're excited for this new kit to arrive in our store. We tested it out during the Hydropool international conference in December and it's pretty neat!

Hydropool's spokesperson Jodie Becker, a Canadian triathlete, will have many new fitness videos featuring the Hydro Revolution Fitness package along with a new 21 day fitness challenge! We're excited to share this with you and partake in the new upcoming challenge.

All in all not many changes were made to the Hydropool line-up of spas and swim spas.

To view the new 2023 hot tub guide, click here.

To view the new swim spa guide, click here.


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