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That old rusty sprinkler you've had in your shed since the Mesozoic era is a relic, man. Ditch the fossil and let the kids run through the water from the snout of this 6ft tall Ginormous T-Rex! It's the missing piece of that epic birthday, poolside party, barbecue, or family reunion you've planned (or dreaded).

Giant DINOSAUR Sprinkler

SKU: 9000041
Only 2 left in stock
  • - over 6 feet tall!
    -projects water from its muzzle
    - connects to any standard garden hose
    just inflate it, then turn on the water
    - the air valve has a wide mouth cap for quick deflation
    - great for birthdays, heat waves, poolside entertainment, July 4th and more  !
    - easy to wipe down, inflate / deflate and store

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