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Can a Swim Spa be In Ground?

If you're considering buying a swim spa and have begun shopping you've likely seen different types of installs, whether simply sat on a concrete pad, with a deck built around or set in the ground. Swim spas are self contained units and can be installed in several different manners as long as the base underneath is a solid, leveled concrete pad. This ensures there will be no shifting underneath the spa, thus protecting the structure and acrylic.

in ground swim spa

Above Ground vs. In Ground

Above ground swim spas have the advantage of being placed on the ground, filled with water, and turned on. While this is the simplest way of installing a swim spa, sometimes if their location hasn’t been planned well may seem a little bulky or out of place in the middle of your backyard. If you choose to install a swim spa in-ground, they can completely integrate with your landscaping and become the focal point of your backyard and resemble an inground pool more. There are so many style options from creating a modern, sleek look to designing an outdoor living space including a kitchen, lounge area, and fire pit to surround your spa. They can also be installed inground inside your home or solarium.

In ground swim spa installation

In most cases, modular components are used to install in-ground swim spas. These allow your swim spa to be customizable while having durability that will last for many years. Although the installation process is more complicated than with an above-ground model, it is still way simpler and quicker than if you were to install an inground pool. If you are unsure whether you want to install a pool or a swim spa in your yard, swim spas do have a number of benefits compared to pools. For starters, they are less expensive than being a pool owner. As they contain less water, they require less heat and fewer chemicals to run, saving you money on energy costs and products. A quality-made swim spa model is incredibly energy efficient, with insulation that traps and reuses the heat generated from the motor. They can be used all year round in our colder Canadian climate. They also offer seating and massages like a spa.

Year Round Use

Pools in Canada may be lucky to get six months of use each year. Swim spas, due to their insulation and covers, can be used in every season, 365 days per year. Because of their compact size and energy efficiency, energy costs are minimal compared to a pool, similar to what you would spend on a cup of coffee each day. Swim spas can be a great investment for your home but even more importantly, your mental and physical health. They are an great way to stay in shape and receive a challenging workout via a customizable swim current that keeps you swimming in place, eliminating the need to do laps and turn around – similar to how a treadmill works with running. They are perfect for staying in shape, keeping your family active, and for those suffering from sports injuries. Plus, the hydrotherapy seats in the swim spa can be used as a hot tub to soak and soothe sore muscles and relax your mind.

Now that you know more about above ground vs in ground check out Charles tips on shopping for a swim spa.


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