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What are the options for Swim Spa Covers?

When it comes to swim spas there are man y options available. We offer 4 different cover options:

Solar Cover.

As often seen on pools these covers hold in a small amount of heat and reduces evaporation. In our cold Canadian climate we generally only see these on swim spas that are installed indoors since they won't offer enough insulation when outdoors in colder weather.

Standard Hard Cover.

This is the cover you've likely seen on majority of swim spas, similar tow spa covers, just bigger and this is the most widely sold swim spas cover around the world. Except for in our store. They offer you insulation and reduction of heat loss in the colder months, are easily found in spa stores across the country, available in a variety of colors and even thicknesses. The biggest downfall to these covers is removing them if they are all individual sections and if there are bi-fold sections you end up with cover lifters and either end of your swim spa often obstructing your view.


RollAway cover. New to the world of swim spas, this cover offers users a simpler way to open and close their swim spa, insulated for Canadian winters, built solid enough that you could step onto it, and offering a longer cover life. The RollAway is the number one cover sold with swim spas at CK Spas since 2020. For more on our exclusive RollAway covers visit the RollAway page.

Covana Legend

The Covana Legend swim spa cover. An all electric cover that combines cover with pergola all-in-one. The highest level of insulation available for a swim spa cover and the easiest to open and close. The Covana Legend is an excellent choice for those looking for ease of opening and for a little bit of shade and protection from the elements while swimming. These revolutionary covers are proudly fabricated here in Quebec. For more on Covana covers visit our dedicated Covana page.

Choose a long lasting cover

With there being several options for your swim spa cover it is important to choose the one that is right for you and your needs. If cost is a determining factor as to which cover you choose, I recommend dividing the cost over the years of the life expectancy of the cover. It's important to note that like every product there are many manufacturers and many differences of qualities, not all standard covers are created equally. Choose a quality made cover that will last you longer and not require replacement every couple of years. In long run it'll cost you less on covers and less work.

For more information on choosing your swim spa cover come and visit us in store, we'll answer all your questions and give you our recommendations.


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