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What is biofilm ?

Biofilm is a rapidly reproducing colony of various microorganisms surrounded by their protective slime in an aqueous environment. They grow on surfaces where water doesn’t flow and prefer environments where water is stagnant and lack of sanitizer. In hot tubs, they are often found in the pipes where the water flow has been stopped or dramatically reduced (diverters turned off, waterfall(s) turned off). In pipes with no regular flow, the sanitizer quickly dissipates and the microorganisms move to the pipes surface where they begin to form biofilms. Biofilms will also establish and grow in tubs that experience inconsistent or non-existent sanitizer residuals. Ineffective, incomplete or a lack of attention to water care systems can also lead to biofilm formations. Biofilm becomes noticeable after water flow is returned to isolated pipes and is ‘blown’ back into the hot tub. It can sometime be noticeable when engine compartment is open and clear piping is visible. These small, floating fragments of biofilm resemble tiny pieces of ‘skin’ or torn up pieces of tissue paper. Can also be seen in the form of white slime or pink slime in some cases.

How to prevent biofilm ? Ensue that you always maintain proper sanitizer levels and that all plumbing lines have some sort of water flow. If you turn off waterfalls while in our spa it is important to turn them back on before exiting your spa.


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