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Eliminates up to 99% of contaminants in water, also solving most water problems caused by metals, minerals, lime, calcium and volatile organic compounds.


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  • The highest quality acid washed coconut carbon is used. Many competing filters use less expensive bituminous (coal-based) carbon.

    The 12-inch long filter body contains up to twice as much bacteriostatic filter media (KDF®) as some other brands for maximum longevity, efficiency and performance.

    The X10 garden hose water filter is only built with 7 filter media.


    Integrated 5 micron pre and post sedimentation mats to minimize sediment and turbidity. Some brands use 150 micron pads. (The lower the micron, the finer the particle size will be)


    The X10 filter is made from a very durable, UV resistant polypropylene, making it a robust filter (less likely to be damaged by dropping or other factors), in addition to excellent protection against UV rays.

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