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Maintenance products and accessories.

At CK Spas ,
our goal is to offer you  the highest quality products to maintain your spa, and  your pool.
  We believe that maintaining your spa and pool should be easy and headache-free so that you can enjoy it every day.
We are constantly working to bring you the best quality of products year after year.

This is why we offer you Canadian products from companies like Backyard Brands and their 3 line of products, such as Mineraluxe for spas, Dazzle for your spa ,  Dazzle for your pool , Pristiva as well as the products  SPA Marvel & Pool Marvel .


Tired of complicated potions, soaking in chemical soup and feeling like you need a chemistry degree to own a spa?

We present to you Mineraluxe ...

The Mineraluxe program is a simple weekly treatment requiring a Mineraluxe CUBE , an advanced fusion of exclusive minerals, a sachet of Mineraluxe OXYGEN to perfectly eliminate bathers' waste, provide unparalleled water clarity, and your choice of sanitizer. Sanitizers include granules or tablets of bromine or chlorine. 


Healthier and more natural water care.


Dazzle ™ is the first comprehensive line of efficient, eco-friendly pool and spa products that deliver a fresh, responsible approach to water care. Dazzle water care products keep your pool and / or spa healthier, giving you great feel, look and smell all year round.


Pristiva ... Amener les piscines d'eau salée à un nouveau niveau de perfection.

The advanced system  Pristiva's 3 Steps for Saltwater Pool Start-Up and Maintenance sets a new standard of excellence in saltwater pool maintenance. Developed after extensive research and rigorous field testing, Pristiva has been specially designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of saltwater swimming pools.

The result is the quick and easy 3-step Pristiva System - our exclusive proprietary formula creates unparalleled saltwater protection, incredible comfort and perfect results.

Pool Marvel Logo.jpg

Spa Marvel & Pool Marvel are all-natural spa and pool water treatment products that can reduce the need for many chemicals used in traditional spa and pool water treatments.

A full bottle of Spa Marvel treats any spa up to 500 gallons (2000 liters) and lasts 3 months with regular use.

Water maintenance for spas and swimming pools
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DML09544 Calcium Hardness Plus 550g_edit

It is important to maintain good chemistry  water to prevent damage to surfaces and components.

We offer a free water analysis to all of our in-store customers.

As well as all the balancing products necessary for  your spa or pool.


If you have any questions or difficulties in maintaining your water, do not hesitate to come and visit us in store, one of our water specialists will be happy to help you.

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